Lee & Carnwath

Lee and Carnwath Estate has been steeped in shooting tradition for many years with a purpose built lodge being built in 1830’s for the hunters. The autumn months were spent shooting grouse and then later in the year they would try their hand at other quarry.


The surrounding Lanarkshire topology offers excellent sporting habitat with hills rising to above 2000 feet running down through beech woodlands and to peatlands and marshes in the valley floor. The fields above the meandering Medwyn river provide habitat and shelter for the birds.

Picturesque Landscape

The bogs and lochans provide ideal habitat for snipe and duck which can be driven to waiting guns. Whether it is high birds over ancient beech woodlands, quick fire shooting in the scots pine woods, or driven snipe in the bogs. We can provide sport for even the most accomplished shot.


There are still a few spaces available for driven days for 2017/18 and we would encourage you to contact us if you are interested in booking a day with us.